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A proven way of working

IA Group has existed for almost 50 years, servicing credit insurers and ECA's. At IA Group, we understand the importance of a swift, clear investigation of claims. Our colleagues in regional offices around the globe approach buyers personally and professionally.

IA Group staff visits debtors face to face to obtain a written recognition of the claim. We send detailed investigation ... اقرأ المزيد

Our method

Financial and legal knowledge combined with a realistic, clear, determined goal is essential when negotiating with non-paying buyers.

IA Group

Our Case Studies

The attempted bribery

A client handed us two files involving three different international traders from multiple countries, failing to pay each of these two exporters a large sum owed for shipments of received consumer goo...

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The damaged beauty products

A supplier of beauty products in Southeast Asia sold USD 75.000 worth of merchandise to a Brazilian company. Packaged in 1062 boxes, the shipping went smoothly, and the Brazilian company duly collecte...

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The Russian bankruptcy trade-off

A credit insurance company entrusted IA to handle a claim of their customer - a Chinese supplier of electronic goods - against a debtor in Russia. The claim amounted to USD 2.5 million for media devic...

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